The origins


It is commonly known as Farmers’ Palace the structure that hosts the “Camera del Lavoro” in via della Republica in Foggia. After the bombing of World War, an entire area collapsed; this area was assigned to the CGIL after the Liberation. The structure today shows her 76 year old. CGIL has approved a major renovation to renew the property giving a better impact also to the surrounding area. This renovation will also help to improve accessibility and quality of services offered. In a phase of general recession, that doesn’t spare trade union, this is a commitment to very outstanding cost for which we ask for your a help through a donation.

The Evolution

Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow





Why we should take care of our history

The Farmers’ palace was built in 1940 and it was a service center for farmers and farm’s workers in this province. During the war, its rooms were used as accommodation for German soldiers and then it was occupied by the Anglo-American troops of liberation. The same rooms after the Liberation were the offices of such great leaders of the Italian trade union, as Giuseppe Di Vittorio, Ruggiero Grieco, as well as a meeting place for thousands and thousands of workers, citizens, men and women who fougth for work and democracy rights, as well as social and economic development in the land of Capitanata. The history of the building coincides and overlaps for the history of the city.

What is our goal?

For this reason and for its history, as the Camera del Lavoro premises is a common good that goes beyond trade union boundaries, it has been decided to launch a crowdfunding project to raise money for the renovation of the building. This is a place of social, cultural and trade union in the city that counts on the support of everybody: individuals, organizations, enterprises. Please help us to preserve and to hand down this piece of history. All benefactors will receive special certificates as supporters of the project.

What kind of renovation will be done?

First of all, it will be renewed the front and rear of the building, securing it and giving it the color and original design.

How will we achieve this target?

It’s possible to contribute directly on the website through paypal, a system safe and secure. You can choose the amount you want to donate. All money raised will go into a special account opened at the Banca Popolare Etica in Foggia; the entire sum will be invested in the renovation. If you are interested in supporting and promoting this initiative, you can contact us at:

How can I be updated on the project?

You can follow CGIL of Foggia on social networks and on the website . For further info please write to

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Your contribution is important for this project. The amount of the donation is free; all contribution will help to the recovery of this historic building in the city of Foggia and its province.

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